almacen de Estilográfica

The Company

In 1944 Don Amadeo Arboles Vidal acquires ESTILOGRAFICA  NACIONAL. At that time the company was distributing fountain pens branded  DALVI, all of them considered of high quality and some of them with golden nib. En 1946 he starts producing the first ball point pens in Spain and created the word  “boligrafo”  and registered the name as a brand. With this step, no other manufacturer could use this name and it was accepted by the consumer generally. In 1960, the REAL ACADEMIA DE LA LENGUA decided to introduce this name as a generic word. Until that time it was called  “pluma de bola”  that means in spanish fountain pen with ball and step by step the ball point pen was taking over and replacing the use of the fountain pen.

Since that time, and in second generation, Don Amadeo Arboles Ferrer leading the company, expanded the commercialization of the ball point pen and improved the manufacturing process with very positive result.

During the decade of the sixties, production of ball point pen without refill was developed, based on a system called  “Direct Fill”. In this case, the barrel of the ball point pen is at the same time the refill, means, that the ink is directly injected in the barrel. This was a big step forward in production and reduced costs considerably. The new ball point pen was very successful on sales.

At the beginning of the eighties, Don Amadeo developed an automatic assembly machine for highlighters and the production increased considerably. The company started producing this highlighter for other brands, in Spain and internationally.

Today, after seventy years of experience developing and producing writing instruments, the company  ESTILOGRAFICA NACIONAL counts with a team of professionals with deep experience and knowledge, which guaranties at any moment to satisfy highest consumer demand and alternatives at more competitive prices.