ESTILOGRÁFICA is a factory founded in 1946. We are manufacturers specialising in marker pens and hi-lighters. Our commitment is to obtain highly satisfactory products in both quality and design.
All the process, from our product´s design to their delivery, has been carefully studied in order to give our customers the best added value in the offered price. All the production process is thoroughly checked to guarantee high quality standards.

Our aim is to offer an agile and flexible service in order to efficiently supply all you need.
Our speciality is produce goods with our customer´s brand names.




Quality has always been our priority concern while our experience and know-how in manufacturing makes it possible to offer high quality at a reasonable prices.



Each new product development is tried and tested before going into full production. All to guarantee the consistent high quality of our products.



We are a professional writing instrument manufactory since 1946. Equiped with automatic assembly machines together with our team of employees make a great unity to ensure the whole product line run in high efficiency.